About Us

BasecampService provides luxury artiste and production trailers to film, TV and advertising production. Our modern hire fleet includes single artiste trailers, 3 -way artiste trailers, office trailer and honeywagons. Situated in Bulgaria, BasecampService provides an efficient service and reliable product offerings to local and international movie makers in Bulgaria and across Europe.

We are partnering with professional movie rental companies in Hungary and Germany subletting our trailers under their portfolio. Our team has over 17 years of international professional experience in the movie industry serving the major movie productions in Bulgaria. We have a permanent team of support staff and operate a 24/7 telephone service in case of any vehicle failure or driver illness.

Our customers enjoy outstanding customer service.

We are happy to offer you an extened fleet proposal through our longstanding partnership with a leading movie fascilities rental company Fascilities by ADF (facilitiesbyadf.com) located in UK and Origo Film Group (www.origostudios.com) located in Hungary.